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Saturday, February 11, 2023

E Inovice and I Invoice D365 FO Viet Nam

E Inovice and I Invoice D365 FO Viet Nam

E-Invoice and I-Invoice are two different types of invoices used in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365 FO).
An E-Invoice, or an electronic invoice, is a type of invoice that is generated, transmitted, and processed electronically. E-Invoices are usually required by governments and tax authorities for tax purposes, and they must comply with specific technical and legal requirements.

An I-Invoice, or an internal invoice, is a type of invoice that is used for internal transactions within an organization. An I-Invoice is used to transfer costs between different legal entities or departments within an organization, or to transfer costs from a project to a cost center. I-Invoices do not have the same technical and legal requirements as E-Invoices, as they are not required for tax purposes.

In D365 FO, both E-Invoices and I-Invoices can be generated and managed within the system, and the relevant transactions can be recorded and tracked. The difference between the two types of invoices lies in the technical and legal requirements they must meet and the purposes they serve.

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