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Thứ Năm, 29 tháng 4, 2021

D365 FO: Remove model from UAT/PROD environment

D365 FO: Remove model from UAT/PROD environment

Nghia Song -  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Technical Consultant

Nghia Song

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To delete the model, which was installed on the UAT/PROD environment via LCS.

Instructions for uninstalling a model in UAT/PROD:
If the model is extension model:
1. Delete all the components from a model and create a deployable package out of it.
2. Create a text file called “ModuleToRemove.txt” and put it into the AOSService\Scripts folder
3. In the text file, put in the name of the module you want to remove, for example – “NewModel”
4. Zip up the package and upload into the asset library
5. Apply the package in a sandbox

If the model is an overlayered model:
1. Remove it (over layered code) from DEV environment in Visual Studio
2. Build the module (say if you have overlayered Application suite, build the Application suite module again after over-layering is removed)
3. Create a deployable package of the module that has over layering removed (say Application suite)
4. Follow the instruction to create a text file in the AOSService\Scripts folder and put Application suite in it.
5. Deploy the package as usual
6. During the deployment, it will wipe the whole Application suite module (with your overlaying) and reapply the new Application suite module in the package (without overlaying)

It should be noted that model directories will remain in the file system, but the models will be removed from the list of models available in the Visual Studio.

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