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Thứ Bảy, 5 tháng 12, 2020

Setup D365FO Cloud Host by Azure Free Account

Setup D365FO Cloud Host by Azure Free Account

Nghia Song -  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Technical Consultant

Nghia Song

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Thanks for Votiva Team.


  • Setup Azure Cloud host for R&D

  • Setup Azure Cloud host for update version, testing

  1. Requirement 

    1. setup new cloud host to existing implement D365FO cloud project

      1. The Azure subscription ID that you're deploying to

      2. Ownership of the Azure subscription, or access to the subscription owner, so that you can add contributor workflows, and the Upload Management certificate

      3. The tenant administrator

    2. setup new Azure AD for R&D

Just register Azure AD free 1 month below link

  1. Register Azure Free Account

    1. Open link and follow guideline to create free Azure

    2. You will have $ 200 credit

    3. Input your information

    4. Sign up

    5. Done

    6. You will also receive welcome email

    7. Go to Azure portal

    8. Go to azure subscription

    9. Make sure that you have $200 credit

  1. Setup LCS

    1. Go to LCS and create a project

    2. LCS project

    3. Go to project settings / Azure connectors

    4. Add Azure connector

    1. Azure setup

    2. Azure Setup

    3. Download certificate and import to azure subscription

    4. Upload certificate

    5. Back to LCS click Next

    6. Select Azure region hosting the server

    7. Done setup Azure connector

    8. Authorize the tenant

Click the link

Authorization complete

    1. Setup Azure ARM

    2. Setup Azure ARM

    3. Azure setup Dynamics Deployment Services [wsfed-enabled]

    4. Make sure Dynamics Deployment Services [wsfed-enabled] valid

    5. Azure connector with ARM enabled ->done

  1. Setup Cloud Host

    1. Go to menu / cloud-hosted environments

    2. Add cloud host

    3. Select version wish to deploy

    4. Select environment topology

    5. Select develop

    6. Environment settings

    7. Keep default deployment settings

    8. Select Azure VM size

    9. Trial account only support maximum 4 cores, then you need to check the size before selecting

    10. Go to

Check VM has 4 v-cores and ram should be 24 GB

    1. Select VM

    2. Select DS12V2

    3. Confirm Azure VM and deploy

    4. Deployment status

    5. Just wait for 6-8 hours for complete deployment

  1. Access server & application

Environment detail

Access server

Check VM on Azure portal