D365 FO: Method calling sequence of Data Entity

 D365 FO: Method calling sequence of Data Entity

1.       The postLoad method is called also by import! Since postLoad is the recommended place to set values for the virtual fields, this potentially slow-down the import process unnecessarily.

2.       Be careful by using the postTargetProcess method! This method is called at the end of EACH thread/task-bundle if you are using the “Import threshold record count” option.

3.       Previously, you could add postTargetProcess only to a newly created entity, but now you can extend any entity using CoC

Extension is simple.

final public class DataEntity_Extension
    public static void postTargetProcess(DMFDefinitionGroupExecution _dmfDefinitionGroupExecution)
        // Do no call next
        //logic here

Please note that this cannot be done via ODATA because ODATA updates, inserts records row by row and there is no post event\method to use. (*Thanks to Uwe krueger for the insight*)

Song Nghia - Technical Consultant
Thanks for: http://daxtechies.blogspot.com/2019/03/d365-fo-method-calling-sequence-of-data.html
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