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How to connect OneBox development environment to VSTS.

How to connect OneBox development environment to VSTS.
Dynamic 365 FO
Song Nghia - Techincal Consultant

1. Manage Connection to VSTS

Open Visual Studio 
Open Team Explorer Window, click Manage Connections > Connect to Team Project

In the Connect to Team Foundation Server, click Servers
Add Team Foundation Server
     o URL:

Choose your account that has permission in the Team Project
     o If your account isn’t in the lookup list, click New to create new credential
In Team Projects, select All 
Click Source Control Explorer to configure your workspace
Expand the folders until Metadata and map local path to the AOS Service Package Local Directory Folder
    o In this case, it’s in K:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory\
Get Latest Version
Map the Projects folder to wherever you want to save the project files

2. Refresh and Compile models
Go to menu Dynamics 365 > Model Management > Refresh models

Build models

3. Synchronize database
Make sure to synchronize database every time after build models.